Brynn Waite

I love to have my hands in clay!

Although I have come to pottery later in life than most, what I lack in years of experience, I make up for in enthusiasm and curiosity.

My studio is located off the garage of my home on the Outer Banks, and I go there to refresh my mind and ease stress. It's my space, and my creative self resides there. I love to open the door to the outside, let the ocean breezes flow through the studio, and listen to NPR or jazz and classical music while I work. It's my refuge.

I came to clay rather serendipitously, and from a series of three semi-private lessons with a local potter, I have developed a style I can call my own through reading, workshops, and experimentation. Because I'm not a production potter, I have the luxury of being free to try new things, to fail, and to try again.

I use a combination of techniques: throwing (for mugs, vases, bowls), and press and drape molding (for square plates and platters). I make my own plaster molds, and use a small slab roller to prepare the clay for draping over or pressing into the mold. Once the pieces are "leather hard", I either stamp and carve the rims (using stamps made of bisqued clay), or I add stamped "sprigs" to add texture and interest. In this way I can produce one-of-a-kind pieces despite the fact that the basic shape is created in a mold. While throwing on the wheel has a meditative quality, I also enjoy the meditative process of carving the rims and refining the edges, and I think it gives my plates and platters a somewhat "whimsical" character.

Due to time and space limitations, I use commercial glazes on my pots, but I enjoy the process of combining glazes to get unique results. I like bright colors and glazes that drip and run to produce dynamic surfaces.

When I'm not in my studio making pots, I make a living as a house designer(Southern Shores Home Design) and a web site designer (Southern Shores Web Design). In addition, with my friend, Amie, I've started a new business called brynn&amie artisan food and gifts. Amie makes gourmet foods (granola, chocolates, spiced nuts) and we packaged them with my pottery to make gift packages. I'm also a musician, and I sing, direct, and arrange music for a small a cappella group on the Outer Banks.

But my spiritual home is on my yoga mat, and through the process of making pots, I try to bring prana into every piece I make.

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