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Membership Application



Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________­­­­____­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________


Phone:_________________  e-mail: _________________________________________________


Current Employer: _____________________________________ phone:____________________


Are you showing anywhere else locally?  If so, where?



What skills do you possess from the below list that could be an asset to the gallery?

__ social media upkeep                   __ marketing/promotion

__ carpentry/painting                       __ holiday decorating

__ gardening/landscaping               __ teaching classes

__ cleaning/organizing                     ­__ merchandising, hanging artwork



Would you be interested in teaching a class at the gallery______________


If so, what would you like to teach?


What population would you prefer to teach?

Children          Adults            Seniors


Are you interested in Consignment or Membership?




Consignment 60/40                                                    Membership

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