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Amy Gentry

My pottery journey started in 1989 with a desire to not have a “real job” while I was pursuing my equestrian career.  I acquired a small slip casting business which I hoped would pay the bills while I developed my equestrian interests.  Having the equipment to produce pottery enticed me to get a wheel and try my hand at throwing. It didn’t take long for my inner creative self to work its way out. Life, marriage and children gently pushed the horses to a back seat and I realized that pottery could be the “real job” and how much I truly love working with clay.  I finally realized that pottery was my calling and that the horses were a great ride along the way.

When I say “my pottery journey”, I am describing the fact that I am a self-taught potter.  The act of learning about ceramics in that way is a journey of trial and errors.  Drawing from nature as many artists do, my style has changed and evolved over the years.  In the more recent years, my focus has been on the ocean and the vast array of colors and textures that it offers for inspiration. 

My work includes both functional stoneware pieces  and decorative earthenware wall art.

Amy Gentry

AMG Pottery

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