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Loli Salamone
Sea Gypsy Handcrafted

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Sea Gypsy Handcrafted is a woman-owned handcrafted business located in the Outer Banks. 

My mission is to provide eco-conscious, handmade products that embody the spirit and beauty of the sea. 

Sea Gypsy products are handcrafted with love, care and attention to detail. 

Sea Gypsy was founded to provide organically shaped, minimalist, and unique designs that are made from found and repurposed materials in unexpected ways– the use of seashells, sea salt, sand, and beach stones are predominant.


Sea Gypsy handcrafts to honor our beach and the wearer. Made from hand-picked beach treasurers, each piece is dreamt up and crafted in my home studio…a workbench outside on the sand under the sun. 


From beachy jewelry to coastal-inspired decor, Sea Gypsy Handcrafted is your go-to destination for unique and meaningful pieces.

Visit Sea Gypsy Handcrafted website

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