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Dan Waters

  At 14 years old, I was the designated family photographer for the camping adventures we had every summer. My family fired me after the first summer trip when they found out I had only taken photos of the beautiful scenery and no family. Even back then I preferred photographing nature.

     I am a self-taught and learned to develop and print black/white as well as color photographs. I enjoyed the exciting process of seeing my images come to life in the dark room. This gave me a solid foundation in photography to build on. When digital photography came of age, it was a perfect fit for me. Even though I missed the magic of seeing the prints come to life, I enjoyed the challenges of the digital darkroom. I have always been interested in computers and Photoshop came naturally to me. I am still amazed at how quickly photography is changing in the digital age.

     I lived in Montgomery County, MD, where I had my own successful business as a master stonemason. After my wife and I moved to the Outer Banks in 1990, I developed a new vocation and artistic passion in ceramics. I was a successful Outer Banks potter for 15 years. The last 3 were split between my ceramics business and photography. I’ve made my living as a full time photographer since 2010 and I love every minute of it. I print my own digital images to sell online and at fine galleries on the Outer Banks. I also have a large selection of stock images available on my website, I earned my commercial drone pilots license from the FAA and now offer aerial Outer Banks real estate photographs. I love sharing my knowledge of photography with others while teaching photo workshops. There is no better way to learn the art of photography than a Outer Banks photo workshop.

     My photographs have been featured in numerous magazines and other uses including:

  • Front cover of Audubon Magazine

  • Front cover of Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine

  • Our State Magazine

  • Front cover of AAA Go Magazine

  • Front cover of Home’s and Land Magazine

  • Wrap around front and rear covers of The Visitors Guide to North Carolina

  • Billboard for Beech Realty

  • Sierra Club greeting card

  • Also, the National Wildlife Federation asked me to mount a one person photography exhibit in their National Headquarters in Northern Virginia.

     The Outer Banks of North Carolina is the perfect place to provide continual inspiration for my photographic pursuits. It provides me with a wealth of photographic opportunities. Through photography, I attempt to bring my visions and feelings to the viewer. I hope to share my insights and enjoyment of nature with others.

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