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Rob Snyder

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Rob moved to the Outer Banks in 1974, and worked as a heavy equipment operator until 1978.

Craving a more glamorous career, he then began laboring in the fish packing industry of Wanchese, NC.

Around the turn of the decade, the fish packing industry no longer held its allure, but the world of construction beckoned. So Rob picked up a hammer, toolbag, and an airbrush, and began a new career as a construction worker/part-time muralist, becoming self-taught in fine art along the way.

After honing his skills for the next ten years, he made the shift of trade again. While driving along the 158 By-Pass and seeing an "End Construction" sign, he took the hint and began screenprinting, painting murals and working in fine art full-time.

Rob comes from a tumultuous background and hopefully faces an uncertain future. He and his wife, Debbie, have traveled extensively in the Caribbean, which has had an influence in his art. His initial inspiration is derived from the sea and the shifting sandbar he has inhabited for the last thirty years.

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