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Fred Vallade

Born and raised in Altoona, Pa.  Was drawn to the City of New York at the age of 19.  Spent the next 30 years in and around the New York area (Long Island and Connecticut).  In 1993 decided to relocate to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in Duck with his every inspiring wife.


Have been interested in the arts all my life, however, it wasn't until reaching NYC that I was really able and inspired to pursue my desire to paint, create and express myself through my work.


Have worked in acrylics as well as graphics.  Painted in acrylics for several years, however, my discovery of a new meaning of art through graphics was a new found fulfillment to me of a desire to communicate one's personal convictions.


Being an artist, influenced by the pulse beat of our time, you have to be ever searching and experimenting to be able to impart one's personal feelings to a receptive public.  Graphic art is another form of expression in the vocabulary of an artist, however, in contemporary graphic art there is a living and exciting movement.


Printmaking as a medium has been a truly unique and rewarding experience for me.  It has provided a wealth of new materials and techniques that only modern technology made possible.


The move to the Outerbanks of NC was a new beginning for us and with that I decided I needed a new direction in my art career and CLAY was chosen and a new adventure had begun.  My daughter Karen who has a degree in ceramic arts was an influence.  


The need to create inspires me to spontaneously build in clay.  Some days, the clay is pounded.  Some days, the clay is calmly plied.  I don't approach clay the same way twice.  For me, artistic development is leaving the safety of familiar methods and discovering the elation of new techniques.  I try to be flexable in my approach, both with the clay and in my vision, and to embrace the unpredictable.  What clay is and what it can do are questions that I need to examine and hope to never find the answer.


Studied at the Art Students League of New York under Michael Ponce de Leon and also with Mildred Landau Pawl, Paul Gatto, Marion Oken and Donn Steward (master printer).  Basicly self taught in the clay media.


Exhibits extensively throughout the New England and Mid Atlantic area having won recognition and numerous awards. Attached is a list of exhibits and shows. My works are represented in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the USA, in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris and England.


Have conducted printmaking and ceramic workshops at my studio.


I feel it appropriate to paraphase T.S. Eliot by saying - "I feel it unnecessary to explain art, a process which too often results in explaining it away".  Personally I'd rather not speak of my work or myself (to me one and the same).  I feel one is what one does and what one does is the statement of who one is.


For me, artistic development is leaving the safety of familiar methods and discovering the elation of new techniques.  I try to be flexible in my approach, both with the clay and in vision and to embrace the unpredictable.

 FRED  VALLADE                                                                                                    DUCK POTTERY                                                                                                      102 Flight Drive  Duck NC  27949-4411



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