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Cole Fagersten

The creative evolution of this designer craftsman began with a BFA in Graphic Design from Kent State University in 1967.  As a new graduate, I knew one thing - I did not want to be a commercial artist. Army Recreation Services offered travel, adventure and a way to earn a living as an artist.  Off I went to South Vietnam as an Army Civilian.  For me, the adventure was all I hoped and so much more.

Following the Asian experience I married a career Army Officer, entwining my personal and creative life for all time with the military.  Over the years and many moves, my exposure to the art of peoples from around the world, coupled with a job requiring my continued development as a multi-media designer, expanded and enriched my very soul.

My evolution as an artist includes studying and teaching a wide variety of arts and crafts mediums.  Over the last 30 years, painting, print making, ceramics, photography, jewelry, and fiber arts have been a part of my creative work life.  In leaving my professional work life as an Arts Specialist for Army Recreation in 1998, I found myself at a crossroads creatively.  At long last I could focus all my creative energy in a direction of my own choosing.

The area I find myself most dreawn to is fiber arts, with a focus on surface design.  Fabric design entered my world in 1969. I was working as an instructor in the Fort Gordon, GA Arts and Crafts Shop.  The creation of one Batik and I was hooked.  From this point forward I found myself continually drawn to the surface designs of indigenous peoples everywhere the Army sent our family.

My work is strongly influenced by the Pre-Columbian images I became fascinated with while living and traveling in Central America.  These ancient designs, along with the floras and fauna of our Outer Banks environment, form the inspiration behind much of my work these days.  Silk painting and Batik techniques are the primary methods I employ in the development of my surface designs.

Silk Painting , Shibori resist techniques are primary methods I employ in the development of my surface designs. At the present time my Silk Painting has become more painterly. I have began introducing stamping and fabric paint into Shibori surfaces creating more complex designs. Many of my finished projects are further embellished with hand quilting and 

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