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Julie Moye

Multi-media artist Julie Moye works in many mediums, including oils, watercolors, mosaic with tiles and glass, pottery, and concrete.  Julie works in the medium of the day in order to vent her creativity.

Much of her work is on display at KDH Cooperative gallery and studios, a business she envisioned and opened in May of 2001. Other large scale works such as glass and tile murals and tile installations are on view around the Outer Banks in public areas as well as in private homes.

With beginnings in the art world as an educator, Julie worked as elementary, middle school and then college art teacher in Arizona and on the Outer Banks. She still finds time to

teach a variety of children’s and adult art classes at the gallery. “ Teaching is just one way I find inspiration for my own creativity.”

Julie lives in Kitty Hawk with her husband, Chris, grandson, Carter, and two lucky dogs.

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