Jerry & Charlotte Alexander: Pottery

Frank Brown:  Cold Process Soaps

Pem Bryant: Sea Glass Jewelry

Marcia Cline: Oil

Donna HIggins Colson: Oils

Christina D'Amato

Robert Daniels:  Oil and Acrylic

Fay Davis Edwards: Watercolor

Cole Fagersten: Silk Painting

Jim Fineman: Pottery & Baskets

Tucker Freeman: Wood Sculpture

Amy Gentry: Pottery

Linda and Sam Gillette: Wall quilts and Wood Carving

Georgia Dale Griffiths: Silver Jewelry with Pearls and Semiprecious Stones

Rosanna Gusler: Kiln Formed Glass

Chris Haltigan: Watercolor, Pastel

Joy Hannan: Silver and Gold Jewelry with Precious Stones

Randy Hodges: Iron

Martha Johnson: Collage

Elizabeth Kays: Watercolor, Acrylic

Stephanie Kiker: Wood Block Printing, Colored Pencil, Acrylic

Randy Knight: Wood Carving

Steve Lautermilch: Photography with original poetry

Brooke Mayo: Photography

Harry Meraklis: Wood Sculpture/Acrylic

Margaret Miller: Silver Jewelry with Beach Glass and Pearls

Tina Monaco: Fused Glass and Jewelry Featuring Fused Glass

Dawn Gray Moraga: Oil

Julie Moye: Mosaic, Handmade tile, Oil on Canvas

Holly Nettles: Acrylic and Mixed Media

Rick Nilson: Oil on Canvas

Charlotte H. Quinn: Batik

Naomi Rhodes: Knitting

Terry Rowell:  Folk Art, Mixed Media

Megan Ferry Rubino: Watercolor, Acrylic

Shirley Ruff: Oil

Cyndi Sarfan:  Photography

Carolyn & Gary Schena: Pottery & Glass

Rob Snyder: Acrylic and Oil

Carole Thompson: Oils

Evelyn Tillett:  Silver Jewelry with Precious Stones

Ticia Valentine: Pottery

Fred Vallade: Pottery

Susan Van Gieson: Watercolor and Oil

Susan Wells Vaughan: Acrylic and Watercolors

Brynn Waite: Pottery

Dan Waters: Photography

John White: Oil and Watercolor

Patty Zukerowski: Stained Glass