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Jury dates for 2024:  April 1, August 1

There are two ways to show work at KDH Cooperative Gallery: 

Membership and Consignment

Both are juried. This means that all artists must pass their work by the jury in order to sell with us. This is to guarantee the standard that is necessary to maintain a gallery of the highest quality. It also insures that we are not showing multiple artists working in the same style and subject matter.

Membership to KDH Cooperative gallery

We are a membership of artists with diverse backgrounds and talents. Each member brings with him or her a unique set of skills and ideas. We are all of the mind set that a successful cooperative is created by the participation and dedication of its members. We are interested in perpetuating a helpful, supportive community location for artists to gather together, learn from one another, meet with patrons, and market their works.

Membership Details

Membership dues are $50 per month--this guarantees the payment of the operating costs of the building. Membership commitment of 1 year is required.

Work requirements are currently 10 hours per month for each artist--we have no paid employees and each artist must be knowledgeable about the other artists and their works in the gallery as well as basic skill in retail sales. (including the use of a POS system for sales and inventory)  Work requirements may change seasonally if we find it necessary.

Members must be year-round residents of the area- no exceptions

Members' Commission for sale of artwork is 10% on sales, with an additional 5% on credit card sales.

Commission payments for art sales will be made by the 10th of the month for artwork sold between the first and last day of the previous month. Artists' checks may be picked up from the gallery desk.


Consignment is best suited to those artists without a known history of the salability of their works and for artists who do not generate a large body of work per month. There are no work requirements or monthly dues for artists showing on consignment, however, preference is given to all working members for exhibit space.

Artists do not have claim to any one specific area in the gallery. Displays are moved about for aesthetic purposes.

Commission on sale of consignors' works is 40% (60/40 split).

Consignment checks for sales of artwork will be mailed by the 10th of the month for works sold between the first and last day of the previous month.

Applying for membership or consignment:

Submission of your work for jury will be conducted through electronic submission, no longer in person, due to overwhelming demand.  Please fill out the application below.  If you have questions, please direct them to subject line: jury.

Your application should include:

  • A brief description of your work, including medium(s)

  • Attachments of photos of your work or related photo page where we can see your work.

  • Be sure to include price information about the pieces you're showing us.

  • Any related website addresses

  • A brief artist's bio or resume (as separate pdf attachment)

  • What we're looking for:

    Active, positive, participating members creating work which is realistically priced and professionally presented. We are always looking for work which is unique to our gallery and has a high standard of quality and marketability.  Keep in mind that we do have limited exhibit space and are currently showing 50 artists. We are always excited to see new styles and media!

  • Download Application PDF here and email to
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