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2023 Summer Classes

Call 252-441-9888 to register

Kids Art Camp
Maritime Forest
June 19-22

Kids Art Camp
Aquarium Celebration
July 24-27

All camps
Mondays through Thursdays


Four day art camps for students ages 8-12.   We will explore various topics and subject matter using mixed media,  focused on art processes. Students will enjoy learning to use art processes to not only create, but to problem solve, build confidence and team skills. Art processes produce healthy coping skills that will enhance every other endeavor. Students will begin each day to complete 3-4 ongoing projects centered on artistic techniques and use of art materials. Each camp will focus on a different theme,  offering an opportunity for students to attend multiple camps for added personal growth and skill building.

All camps will be held 9:30 to 11:45 Monday through Thursday

Cost for each camp is $140. 

Your paid registration will hold your child's spot.  Call or click to register.

We are so excited to partner with  Roanoke Island Artisans OBX and our good friend Donna Griffin  to bring these camp experiences to our classroom!

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