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Rosanna Gusler

I was born and raised in Ohio. I migrated to the NC seashore in 1981 after earning a university degree in Wildlife Management. I have been and am, variously and in no fixed order: A Commercial Fisherman, Licensed Captain, Charter Mate, Yacht Finisher and an Artist.

Artist Statement: I love glass. Glass has fascinated me my whole life. Beach glass, glass bottles melted in a campfire, and a copper enameling kit in grade school all helped me toward the medium of kiln formed glass. The physical and chemical reactions that take place at 1500°F in my kilns offer an endless and irresistable selection of colors and textures. I especially enjoy the interactions between the glass and various metals. I often use recycled glass and locally-found material in my work. It links the artwork to its place of origin, with an austerity appropriate for the Atlantic seashore. I am fascinated by the processes and interactions of kiln formed glass. I am fascinated by the weather, the sea, the creatures and the people which surround me. This is the source of my art.

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