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Cyndi Sarfan

I consider myself something of a photojournalist, one who has spent a significant amount of time recently traveling the back roads of the southeastern United States (and a few other places) in search of images that speak to me. I tend to stay off the beaten path, preferring instead to venture into small towns that have been somewhat neglected or forgotten in our modern era.

While I consider myself a small-town Indiana girl at heart, I am blessed to have traveled all over the world in my lifetime, having spent part of my childhood in Germany and also in Southeast Asia thanks to being part of a military family. As an adult, I have had the awesome (in every sense of the word) joy of a photographic safari in Kenya and also many wonderful trips to destinations in the Caribbean and Costa Rica. My photography reflects the various cultural influences of all of these experiences.

I am drawn to images that represent what I call "the divine collaboration of Mother Nature, Father Time and Mankind". I am intrigued by the elegant canvases that are created when structures and objects have been abandoned and nature has taken over. Many of my images represent the concept of "wabi sabi", the idea that there is beauty in imperfection and solitude. Finding such images is often what leads me into interesting places now. Please visit my photography blog Wabi Sabi Images to see more of this ongoing project.


I am also a lover of wildlife and beaches and am fortunate to now live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, The Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am currently a member of the Chesapeake Bay Art Association, the Carolina Nature Photographer's Association, the Kill Devil Hills Cooperative Gallery and Studios, the Dare County Arts Council and the National Association of Independent Artists.

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