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Cyndi Sarfan

While I consider myself a small-town Indiana girl at heart, I am blessed to have traveled all over the world in my lifetime, having spent part of my childhood in Germany and also in Southeast Asia thanks to being part of a military family. As an adult, I have had the awesome (in every sense of the word) joy of a photographic safari in Kenya and also many wonderful trips to destinations in the Caribbean, Thailand and Costa Rica. My photography reflects the various cultural influences of all of these experiences.

I am a lover of wildlife and beaches and am fortunate to now live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, The Outer Banks of North Carolina. A member of Nikon Professional Services, I love to shoot the sweeping landscapes of the Outer Banks as well as the diverse wildlife of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, and all the wonderful shorebirds found along the Outer Banks beaches. Please visit my website OBX Beachscapes to see this collection.


My largest body of work can be seen on my Flickr account, where my images are grouped according to subject matter. In addition to my Outer Banks photography, I also have a large collection of Wabi Sabi Images, images that show what I call the divine collaboration of Mother Nature, Father Time, and Mankind. 

I am proud to be a member of the KDH Cooperative Gallery where I maintain a large inventory of prints, framed images, canvases and metal pieces. Feel free to contact me at about my work. 

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